Holistic Therapies

Foot / Lower Leg Massage

£50 One hour
£70 One and a half hours
Soak away tiredness and strainOrganic oils nourish at cellular level
This treatment focuses on relieving tired, achey lower legs & feet. Fantastic if you are standing or driving long hours. This treatment is the antidote!
  1. To begin with your feet are soaked in a warm coconut wash foot bath. This softens  & relaxes the nervous system & skin. It opens the pores ready to recieve organic oils to the underlying tissues.

The feet are then rubbed dry with a towel to remove dead skin.

As you lie comfortably on the massage table, warm oils & various massage techniques are used to release pain & stored tension. The upward flow of blood (caused by your leg being held in a supported position) relieves varicose veins and removes pressure build up & puffiness.
  1. The legs & feet are left feeling refreshed, invigorated, light & new.
To book please call me: 0797 090 8850 (between 8am-8pm)

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