Holistic Therapies

Sivananda Philosophy, Restorative Yoga and Me

Energise digestion - reduce fatExpands lung capacity, tones glandsDecompress the spineSwami Sivananda
Energise digestion - reduce fat

            "An Ounce of practise is worth a ton of theory"

                                          Swami Sivananda                                        
"...The most positive action we can perform to contribute to the momentous task of bringing our planet back into balance is to start changing ourselves...

No external technology...alcohol,drugs (legal or illegal)...can hope to offer a long-term solution...I have invented nothing new, only presented this perfect science of self-development in a form comprehensible for an analytic-minded era..."

                                     Swami Vishnudevananda

The 5 Points of Yoga:  Proper...
...Exercise. Breathing. Relaxation. Diet. Positive thinking.

Yoga exercise focuses 1st on the health of your spine, giving longevity & vibrancy to your entire body. It lubricates your joints, muscles, ligaments & tendons.
Your nervous system is rejuvenated & nourished, preserving youth. Flexibility & strength is regained. The asana's (postures), performed slowly & consciously, produce not only physical benefits, but are mental exercises in concentration & meditation.
Yogic breathing (Pranayama) relieves tension, insomnia & even depression.
Deep relaxation recharges the body.         

Yogic diet is unprocessed, pesticide free & vegetarian.
Positive thinking steadies the mind & emotions.

Restorative Yoga

"Simple, still, quiet and at ease within ourselves" J Lasater

The guiding principle here is that support creates release.
There are very few postures in a class and the main features are that they are focused on releasing through each physical level (muscular to cellular) and deep into the more subtle bodies (mental, emotional and energetic) and that an array of bolsters, blankets and cushions are used to support the body into relaxing.


My Yogic experience and what I bring to class
I completed my Sivananda Yoga teacher training in 2013, though I practiced many styles of yoga worldwide since 1995. What made me chose Sivananda was the complete being ethos and balanced practice in each class. 

There is a structure to a Sivananda class that ensures no single part of the body or being is overworked, but that each is engaged a little. Never too much. No strain, pain or stress, but extension, relaxation, strengthening and vibrational tuning.

In 2015 I trained in Restorative Yoga as well. This compliments an active class by providing postures in which the body finds ultimate deep rest. In which the joints float without effort within their capsules and deep regeneration of tissues create an integrational effect in the emotional and mental bodies.

These structures and human view mean that my classes are free flowing and always balanced. They reflect the yogis present, the seasons, the collective strains and ultimately they create space for integration. For all that is real to be present, accepted, processed and integrated. So instead of feeling chaotic, scattered, isolated, lonely, pained or overwhelmed, we feel accepted , received and witnessed by that aspect of ourselves that is always observing, non judgemental and neutral.

Our true nature is effortless and always ready to be dis -covered.
  • I started my yoga journey with Angie in 2020 initially this was virtual (beginner’s class) and then in person at the glorious Charlton Park.  Having relocated to Ireland a few months ago, I have continued my Monday night restorative yoga via zoom.  I am a working mum with four young children so Monday nights have become my sanctuary, a time for calm, reflection, stretch, breath, strength and re energising.  I wish every night was Monday night!

    I have also been fortunate enough to have 1:1 with Angie via zoom, which has proved priceless in managing my stress and energy levels at work.

    Angie is a wonderfully calm, warm, intuitive, professional and knowledgeable therapist.  I feel extremely lucky to have found her.  

  • I really enjoyed having a yoga consultation with Angela. It was wonderful to learn simple techniques to help me improve posture and alignment within my body, which helps to alleviate tension.    Angela is a very intuitive, insightful yoga teacher, who I would highly recommend. 

  • I joined Angela’s yoga classes in the autumn '20 and Angela made the transition to Zoom easy for us all. I enjoy the classes which explore posture, balance, breathing and relaxation.  I definitely feel the benefits

  • Thank you for being you. You have helped me in ways you will never know. 

  • Dear Angela I just wanted to thank you for arranging the Yoga classes via Zoom. Super effort! I really felt the benefit and enjoyed seeing and hearing everybody, incl. your gorgeous cat. I first thought it might feel a bit odd doing it this way, but felt soon transported into your studio - I miss not having someone to switch the light off and on though! The other thing I enjoyed very much too was “hearing" your visualisations at the end, that was really lovely.
  • ...the perfect class. If I were an alien and had landed from outer space to there, I would have been pretty darn chuffed...Some people are just born to do things and a yoga class with Angela Oakes makes you feel like everything is well with the world. It's so peaceful at The HolistiCentre...

  • ...The whole body is exercised, every joint, every muscle. There are brief periods of relaxation to allow the body to benefit from the posture & prepare for the next.
    The atmosphere is quiet & calm, a mood partly generated by a short opening chant in Sanskrit.
    There is a longer period of relaxation at the end & I leave with a straight back, head held high & a composure with which to face the day.

  • In taking a yoga class led by Angie I had the amazing sensation of relaxing while exercising! She's a powerful and experienced teacher, able to lead students through poses with just the right amount of challenge; I never got to that "stressed" place I sometimes experience with other teachers, yet I felt I was getting a good workout. I also enjoyed the spiritual energies she brings to the class, which fed me on a number of levels beyond just the physical. I left the class feeling both energized and peaceful, almost as though I'd had a massage! I highly recommend yoga with Angie.

  • I'm completely hooked. Early mornings are generally grim, but now I can get up and stretch! It's awesome! After each class there's a huge sense of relaxation yet with new energy for the next day. No regrets!

  • The class has a friendly atmosphere and Angela cheerfully provides for a wide age range and the varying levels of ability.