Holistic Therapies

Sivananda Philosophy

Energise digestion - reduce fatExpands lung capacity, tones glandsStraightens the spineSinging BowlsSwami SivanandaThe HolistiCentre - 'Secret garden'
Energise digestion - reduce fat

            "An Ounce of practise is worth a ton of theory"

                                          Swami Sivananda                                        
"...The most positive action we can perform to contribute to the momentous task of bringing our planet back into balance is to start changing ourselves...

No external technology...alcohol,drugs (legal or illegal)...can hope to offer a long-term solution...I have invented nothing new, only presented this perfect science of self-development in a form comprehensible for an analytic-minded era..."

                                     Swami Vishnudevananda

The 5 Points of Yoga:

Exercise. Breathing. Relaxation. Diet. Positive thinking.
Yoga exercise focuses 1st on the health of your spine, giving longevity & vibrancy to your entire body. It lubricates your joints, muscles, ligaments & tendons.
Your nervous system is rejuvenated & nourished, preserving youth. Flexibility & strength is regained. The asana's (postures), performed slowly & consciously, produce not only physical benefits, but are mental exercises in concentration & meditation.
Yogic breathing (Pranayama) relieves tension, insomnia & even depression.
Deep relaxation recharges the body.         

Yogic diet is unprocessed, pesticide free & vegetarian.
Positive thinking steadies the mind & emotions.
  • ...the perfect class. If I were an alien and had landed from outer space to there, I would have been pretty darn chuffed...Some people are just born to do things and a yoga class with Angela Oakes makes you feel like everything is well with the world. It's so peaceful at The HolistiCentre...

  • ...The whole body is exercised, every joint, every muscle. There are brief periods of relaxation to allow the body to benefit from the posture & prepare for the next.
    The atmosphere is quiet & calm, a mood partly generated by a short opening chant in Sanskrit.
    There is a longer period of relaxation at the end & I leave with a straight back, head held high & a composure with which to face the day.

  • In taking a yoga class led by Angie I had the amazing sensation of relaxing while exercising! She's a powerful and experienced teacher, able to lead students through poses with just the right amount of challenge; I never got to that "stressed" place I sometimes experience with other teachers, yet I felt I was getting a good workout. I also enjoyed the spiritual energies she brings to the class, which fed me on a number of levels beyond just the physical. I left the class feeling both energized and peaceful, almost as though I'd had a massage! I highly recommend yoga with Angie.

  • I'm completely hooked. Early mornings are generally grim, but now I can get up and stretch! It's awesome! After each class there's a huge sense of relaxation yet with new energy for the next day. No regrets!

  • The class has a friendly atmosphere and Angela cheerfully provides for a wide age range and the varying levels of ability.