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Day Retreats at The HolistiCentre - Canterbury

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Time to recieve?
 Retreat Days in rural Canterbury
with Angela and Sarah

Yoga Retreat Days

Reiki 1 and 2 Attunements

Thai Stretch and Press

Sister Sciences

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Yoga Retreat Days

As you drive into the natural beauty of the Broome Park Estate, allow your week to gently fall away and return yourself to being just for you.
Enjoy a warm welcome at our venue, The HolistiCentre, a peaceful haven made to retreat to.

Immerse yourself in the non-competitive movement of your body with 2 yoga classes; a Sivananda class to energise and a Yin yoga class for relaxation and stillness.

Be in the company of like minded people, who also remember the importance of self care. Nourish your body with your chosen treatment and dine on delicious vegetarian food.

Choose to meditate, socialise, relax, swim or walk, but definitely laugh and let go whilst surrounded in the peaceful setting of The HolistiCentre. You absolutely deserve a day to your-self!

These days are co-created by Angela and Sarah. We are both experienced yoga practitioners and teachers. We have between us, a gammet of therapeutic approaches and are both passionate about heath, healing and happiness. On our days we aim to draw you into our warmth and easy going approach to health.

If you fancy making it a weekend of happiness, it is possible to stay the night at Broome Park, please contact Diamond Resorts directly for reservations.

This day is for a small group of maximum 8.

All inclusive £95
with early bird discount £90 1 month prior to day retreat

Please email Emma to reserve your space

Or contact Angela or Sarah for any enquiries

Between 9am-5pm
0797 090 8850 | angela@holistictherapyworks.com

0753 953 4385 | sarah@yogahealthandwellness.co.uk

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Reiki Attunement Days

We are both Reiki masters with a wealth of experience of working with the beautiful gentle Reiki energy.
Both of us hail from the Usui lineage, but with different approaches and have had different teachers.

Your day will be a well informed experiential oppurtunity that is grounded in the traditional methods of Reiki.

This is made all the more unique and interesting as you will recieve your attunement from us both. Effectively you recieve your Reiki initiation twice.

The same Reiki energy, but through a different conduit, with a different flavour!

We now hold regular Reiki share groups so you can continue your journey in a safe, supportive environment with other practitioners. This provides the oppurtunity to receive Reiki as well as give to others. Look out on HTW Facebook page , or sign up to the newsletters for dates. 

Please email Emma to reserve your space


Or contact Angela or Sarah for any enquiries

Between 9am-5pm
0797 090 8850 | angela@holistictherapyworks.com

0753 953 4385 | sarah@yogahealthandwellness.co.uk

Reiki 1 Attunement Days

Experience Reiki and learn how to use it for your own healing. 
With your Reiki 1 attunement you will also be able to use this universal energy for the highest good with family, friends, plants and animals.

The day is largely experiential, with meditation, gentle grounding stretches and  theory enough to provide you with a solid foundation from which to practise.

Course manuals are included to take away.
Delicious Vegetarian Lunch Tea and snacks all included.

When booking Reiki and Yoga days from the same weekend, not only will you be giving yourself a wonderful retreat from the norm, but a life long gift.
You also recieve a discount!

Reiki 1 Attunement Day 
£140 All Inc. 
or £135 Early Bird - one month in advance

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Reiki 2 Attunement days

On this day you learn to channel this intelligent universal energy safely for the benefit of others.

You will learn how to set up a condusive treatment space and conduct consultation for supportive treatment, recieve the symbols that empower those treatments and enable distance healing.

There is a natural balance of theory and practise. Some gentle stretching and meditative techniques are included throughout to support and enrich the transmission of the Reiki healing techniques.

With the teachings from the combined experience of 40 years of Reiki practice, this day is a rich and inspirational charge for your Reiki journey.

A comprehensive course manual is provided, plus ongoing support where needed. Regular Reiki shares are held to assist your journey.

Delicious vegetarian lunch is included at the 16th century mansion house' restaurant.

Reiki 2 Attunement Day 
£190 All Inc. 
or £185 Early Bird - one month in advance

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Thai Yoga Stretch and Press
Day Retreat
Thai Yoga Stretch

This is a session that draws on the essence of the ancient Thai healing tradition. It incorporates rhythmic stretching & allows you to explore the relationship between your breath & movement.
Ease your body into it's softness whilst enjoying the edges of a stretch.

Enjoy Beautiful Vegetarian Thai Food

Explore the grounds - Sweeping valley walks & shady woodland

Swim in the indoor pool, detox in the Sauna

Thai Yoga Press

In this session you work both individually & in partnership.
Use the Sen Energy lines as your foundation to explore & balance the physical and energetic bodies.
We will guide you through a series of stretches, combined with Thai Yoga massage techniques, including the classic palm press.

Experience a simple routine of self nurture, that can be incorporated into your daily life.
This day is for a small group of maximum 8.

All inclusive £95
with early bird discount £90 1 month prior to day retreat

Please email Emma to reserve your space


Or contact Angela or Sarah for any enquiries

Between 9am-5pm
0797 090 8850 | angela@holistictherapyworks.com

0753 953 4385 | sarah@yogahealthandwellness.co.uk

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2019 Dates 

All Events
at The HolistiCentre, Barham
unless otherwise specified.

Reiki Shares 11/10, 08/11  
Reiki II Attunements 09/11  

Reservations accepted now.
  • Angela and Sarah created such a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and a day that left us feeling really relaxed and contented. The house and its grounds were a real treat too, as were the massages and the yoga sessions. We totally loved it." - Paul and Louisa

  • Sunday Sanctuary - Thank you for an amazing Sunday Sanctuary today, it was just what I needed! Your chocolate mousse was amazing and I will never look at a tree in the same way again! 😂😂

  • Sunday Sanctuary -  Thank you for the most relaxing, cleansing and healing day today. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment, especially the meditation upstairs and the smudging just outside the woods! You are such a warm, loving and open person, and your positive energy really made today such a wonderful experience.  As someone who is relatively new to holistic therapy, including smudging and affirmation cards, I didn't really know what to expect, but every moment was so relaxing and brought me closer to nature, and helped me reflect internally. This was the perfect way to de-stress after exams! So thank you for helping and teaching me everything today

  • Sunday Sanctuary - Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I have always wanted to learn more about smudging and shamanism. Also I loved the vegan food. Lots to take away from today. 

  • Sunday Sanctuary - A lovely, relaxing grounding morning in beautiful peaceful surroundings. Thank you

  • The most relaxing pleasant day. Both Sarah and Angie were so welcoming, friendly and their experience of yoga and therapies was outstanding.. Fabulous Thai massage and I wish it had been longer!
    The venue was restful and relaxing. Location a bit far for me, which is such a shame as I wish I could come here every week.

  • Fantastic Thank You! Had lovely oil massage - excellent facilities.

  • Lovely! Really nice and relaxing. Felt very welcome & calm. Great food too. Angela & Sarah are like golden haired Angels floating around. Great Venue and facilities.

  • Thai Yoga Stretch & Press Day Retreat - What  a wonderful experience. Excellent day and learnt some new skills!

  • Thai Yoga Stretch & Press Day Retreat - A great success! Thank you so much Angie & Sarah, here's to many more.

  • The Reiki 1 attunements provided by Reiki Masters Angela and Sarah at the HolistiCentre were all I had wished for and more. The day is focused on the attunements but also includes yoga, meditation, plentiful refreshments and a delicious vegetarian meal to sustain you throughout the day. The attunements are a unique but profound experience and are made even more special as you have the advantage of receiving two attunements from the two lineages of the Reiki Masters. I loved every minute of the day and forgot all of my cares and woes completely. I highly recommend this experience as I returned home much lighter and happier and cannot wait to pursue Reiki further. THANK YOU!


  • Reiki 1 Attunement - There was so much packed into the day, including an interesting introduction to Reiki and lots of hands on practice, we also had lots of fun. For lunch we had beautiful food in the hotel restaurant. Angela and Sarah created a safe and supportive environment in which to learn and I can't wait for the Reiki 2 session!  

  • ...great - super venue. Excellently fab treatment... 'time out' to watch and understand my body, giving it time and priority. Will defo recommend!

  • The Day Retreat was exquisite, brilliant and liberating. Thai treatment grounding and calming. The HolistiCentre venue was great!

  • Very Interesting, relaxing and Informative. The HolistiCentre venue was excellent.

  • The day was enlightening! Fun & Relaxing. Hopefully life changing...

  • Relaxing & Thought Provoking Day - Excellent Massage. Excellent Venue

  • Very relaxing! If I relax anymore I will collapse on my nose

  • It has been an all together amazing day!
    Angela and Sarah created a beautiful atmosphere and planned the whole day with many exciting surprises.
    I will be looking for more activities.
    Thank you so much and all the best for the future to both of you lovely sistas!!!
    See you soon!

  • Thank you for a lovely afternoon in a beautiful setting with good folk and two wonderful instructors! You have created such a welcoming centre, joy and love shines in every room

  • The best Yoga Retreat I've ever been on!

  • This was my first ever Yoga Retreat. The venue was easy to find, staff welcoming & facilities truely amazing. I would suggest if you want a total day to get away from it all visit as soon as possible!

  • Thank you for today. It was wonderful to be a student for the day - & be taught by you & Sarah with such love. Gratitude & Thanks. Namaste.

  • A marvellous uplifting and totally enjoyable day. Huge thanks to Angela & her team.

  • Great day of escape. Good pace & activities varied & well organised. Great food too!

  • I really liked the yoga postures and taking time to get deeper into them. I liked the chanting & hearing the resonances.
    The therapy was very good too & the food was lovely.

  • Beautiful relaxing and peaceful day!
    The best birthday present ever. Thank you very much
    - I would certainly recommend your retreats.