Holistic Therapies


1-1's and Group Sessions

Breathwork Heals  

Helps process overwhelm.       Integrates trauma and shock
Realigns with life purpose.       Heals emotional pain
Deepens spiritual practices.     Helps to realise potential
Improves resilience.                 Develops personal insight  
Gives access to deep meditative states
Increases awareness of unconscious patterns

Ancient technique. Modern research. 
Breathwork is for anyone who is open to positive change.
Ready to do some inner work? Then this could be for you.

In a dedicated breathwork session we use a Conscious Connected Breath technique for a sustained period of time. This altars physiological states, giving access to stored or bound energy, insight and subsequent transformation.

Breathwork creates a deep and often profound therapeutic session. I facilitate your safe journey to uncover and integrate that which holds you back from life. 

During Initial sessions you will learn techniques to establish a felt sense of safety and control over your inner journey at all times. These skills are invaluable in life thereafter.

I can support you to use your breath in a way you may not have realised was possible. To access the points within you that hold the potential for profound and lasting change. Breathwork heals.

Before we work together lets have a chat to make sure we're a good match. There are some contra-indications and a couple of forms to complete 0797 090 8850 

In Person

Day retreats Incuding Yoga, Meditation, Lunch, Mini Treatments and Conscious Connected Breathwork:

27th Jan 9.30-5.30
24th Feb 9.30 - 5.30
23rd March 9.30 -5.30

£125 All Inc

Tags: Breathwork Heals


2hrs £95

10 x session course - deep dive

Beginners Breathwork Day retreat

20th April 9.30-5.30 £125 all inc

Workshop- nervous system regulation and resourcing. Breath awareness, Pranayama and Conscious Connected Breathwork.
Peppered with Yoga to embody the learning/experience.
Lunch and Mini Treatment

Group Sessions 
Intro 2 BreathWork Online - 
18th - 20th Jan 2024 or
16th - 18th Feb
15th - 17th March

1 course = 3 x sessions:
Friday 7-8.30pm
Saturday 9.30-11.30am
Sunday 9.30-11am

£30, or £20 Conc

Curious about breathwork?
Each session builds upon the last, including short breathwork techniques and Conscious Connected breathwork.
You will need to complete a consultation form, a stable internet connection and a safe space were you will be undisturbed. 

  • (Group Breathwork) I felt totally connected in my heart centre - a state of bliss that i didn't want to end. I felt connected to the facilitator at soul level - it was deeply moving. Knowing in my heart that I am safe and I am loved, always. I became self aware that people are not always judging me and I am free to be myself (big realisation). Angie's voice was soothing and clear. She was authentic,  empathetic and compassionate, a good commucicator and listener. She was patient and held space were I felt safe to be myself. I loved the venue, light and airy. I felt connected to nature. The music really helped the pace and was connective.

  • (1-1) The best bit for me was the felt sense meditation at the beginning! I'm intrigued by the peripheral awareness that I had mid session. I was with people in a place and there was some information download. It was an eye opener and I'm looking forward to doing it again. A really positive experinence.

  • (1-1's) Interesting. It got me into a place I have never been before. I allowed it to be gentle. I got what I allowed it to be...to just be. A welcome break.
    I liked the transition from mouth to nose breathing, it was an extra layer of relaxation. I liked letting go and sinking into it natuarally. Everything was explained really well.
    Angie is divine, just record her voice and give it to me on the phone!

  • (1-1) The venue was great, brilliant music and Angie was supportive, calm, nurturing and understanding. Her voice was beautiful. The session itself felt very healing and energising. At the end I felt full of joy and euphoria/energy, but I had arrived feeling overwhelmed and sad. I saw how each one of my family and friends is a unique blessing in my life.

  • This group breathwork experience was a beautiful and liberating experience. It was expertly held and safe.The best part was feeling free and uninhibited during the breathwork. Angie has excellent presence and was very calm, soothing, safe and supportive: present.

  • (Group Breathwork) I'm really pleased I went, as I was pensive. I feel refreshed and good. I'm surprised by how it affected me, it was a positive experinence. Angie was calm, welcoming and friendly.

  • (1-1's) My breath-work sessions were at the same time relaxing, profound and rewarding. It was an easy to access experience in that I gained much with almost no effort required from myself. It felt like a combination of meditation and emotional healing as, guided by Angela I used my own breathing to unlock and process built up tensions and emotions. All without a psychiatrist’s couch !

  • (1-1') I didn't know that this was possible without drugs! I journey'd back in time and really understood how what happened, happened. I feel like I can move on with my life, like this underlying demon is gone and that part of me is free. I felt very safe with Angela and actually cared for. Thank you for creating this space for me.

  • (Group Breathwork) This was a truely lovely session. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to do more!