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New to yoga? Posture- Relax -Counter Posture - Relax...


The initial practice is listening. Both to external instruction and internal feedback. I encourage all students to leave the competitve spirit outside. We all have different body history's. Unique. Reach optimal stretch without strain. Experience release of stored tension.
Synchronise movement with the breath. Harmonise. Your practise deepens. All levels of the being begin to purify. The body decompresses, mind and emotions calm. You experience relief, inner quiet, space. Peace.
Here connection with your individual experience of source becomes possible.A cornerstone of all my classes is to consistently listen in, connect to and move with the breath.
Not to force, or coerce the body. But to tune in and allow your current experience space.

No hurry, nothing to acheive.
Build a kind relationship with all that you are. From this foundation increased strength and mobility arise.

Read More About Sivananda Philosophy 


One to One Sessions

1-1 yoga sessions are perfect if you:

-Want to deepen your practice.

-Have injuries or special considerations.

-Have a busy schedule and find it difficult to attend class.

-Are a beginner and unsure about joining a class straight away. 1-1 tuition is a good way to start. 

-Simply learn the basics of yoga.

-Feel you would benefit from more personal tuition.

-Are returning to yoga and wish to re-build strength and confidence.

Restorative & Sivananda Yoga themes inform your session.

These can be booked In person, or live via Zoom.


Regular Sessions

Monday Morning - Gentle Yoga : )
Barham Village Hall, Barham, Canterbury, Kent, UK, CT4 6NX

Tuesday Evening - Hearty Yoga : )
Kingston Barn, Nr Canterbury, Kent, UK, CT4 6JB

Term times.
Beginners Welcome.
Recordings available for missed classes.
Free Parking

Drop in £12.
Block booking £10.50 per 90 min class.
Early bird 10% Discount.


Online Zoom Class

Live stream Zoom access/ Recordings available
Drop in £11
Block Booking £9.50 per 90 min class
Early Bird 10% Discount

All you have to do is turn up to class, again & again...

6wk Beginners Yoga Live Online 1hr class per week  


You will gain experience in the fundamental cornerstones present in most yoga classes:

  • Meditation and relaxation techniques. 

  • Hub poses to re-establish structural alignment. 

  • Guidance to safely explore postures, expand your range, strength and flexibility. 

  • Breathwork to stabilise throughout the process.      

When? How Much?

£75 for the full course and recordings, or 
£65 early bird price 


Contact me for the next start date
Click on the link below or



yoga course

Please Let Me Know

If you have ANY health issues that could be affected. High B.P, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Breaks, Sprains, etc. I am a qualified/insured teacher. I cannot feel what is going on inside your body! By participating in a yoga class with me, you are accepting all responsibility for your own personal wellfare.

Please contact me with any queries or concerns.

What To Bring To Your Class

You will need:
A non-competitive attitude! Yoga is an exercise in self-exploration, not neighbour comparison. The rewards you get from class are personal.

A Yoga Mat

If you are 6ft, or over, look into investing in a longer mat, trust me, you are worth it! Biodegradable if possible. Healthy planet, healthy human


There are alot of keep fit/yoga clothes on the market. Go for breathable natural fibres. Loose fitting. You want to be able to stretch without feeling restricted. For this reason choose longer tops. If you stretch your fingers up to the ceiling you'll want your tummy to  remain covered. Layers are perfect, freedom to adjust with seasonal & personal temperature variations.

A Blanket

For the final relaxation. Obviously this one is optional. Most people's body temperature drops quite dramatically during deep relaxation. You can really only let go completely, if you are warm enough.

Water Bottle

Though it's not advisable to guzzle during class, you may feel to sip, especially before final relaxation. Try to ensure you arrive already well hydrated, and continue this self care after class.


Please don't eat a large meal before practising yoga! It's too tough on the body. Best not to eat 2 hours before, though 1 piece of fruit, to boost energy levels, up to an hour before, should be digested in time.


If you are used to practising with props, please bring what you need. In my classes, I use variations to accommodate everyone. However, if you are already used to using them, feel free to continue.

"...The whole body is exercised, every joint, every muscle. There are brief periods of relaxation to allow the body to benefit from the posture & prepare for the next.
The atmosphere is quiet & calm, a mood partly generated by a short opening chant in Sanskrit.
There is a longer period of relaxation at the end & I leave with a straight back, head held high & a composure with which to face the day."


Sivananda, Restorative Yoga and Me

There is a structure to a Sivananda class that ensures no single part of the body or being is overworked, but that each is engaged a little. Never too much. No strain, pain or stress, but extension, relaxation, strengthening and vibrational tuning.

2013 I trained in Sivananda Yoga, then 2015 I trained in Restorative Yoga as well. This compliments an active class by providing postures in which the body finds ultimate deep rest. In which the joints float without effort within their capsules and deep regeneration of tissues creates an integrational effect in the emotional and mental bodies.

These structures and human view mean that my classes are free-flowing and always balanced. They reflect those present, the seasons, the collective strains and ultimately they create space for integration. For all that is real to be present, accepted, processed and integrated. So instead of feeling chaotic, scattered, isolated, lonely, pained or overwhelmed, we feel accepted, received, and witnessed by that aspect of ourselves that is always observing, non-judgemental and neutral.

Our true nature is effortless and always ready to be dis-covered.

'An Ounce of practise is worth a ton of theory"

Swami Sivananda            


Restorative Yoga

"Simple, still, quiet, and at ease within ourselves"

J Lasater

The guiding principle with restorative is that support creates release.
There are very few postures in a class and the main features are that they are focused on releasing through each physical level (muscular to cellular) and deep into the more subtle bodies (mental, emotional, and energetic) and that an array of bolsters, blankets and cushions are used to support the body into relaxing.


In Person

Day Retreats

Day retreats Including Yoga, Meditation, Lunch, Mini Treatments and Beginners Conscious Connected Breathwork:

29th June 9.30-5.30
21st Sept 9.30 - 5.30
2nd Nov 9.30 -5.30

£125 All Inc

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