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I have been working with Reiki since 1995 and have witnessed a catalogue of transformations occur as a result of both distance and in-person treatments. This inspired me to become a Reiki teacher, share the gift and now even more people are benefiting.


One to One Sessions

In person Reiki is known as the laying on of hands. It is non-invasive and totally safe. Reiki energy is intelligent so it flows to wherever it is most needed. This can be on any level were you may be experiencing discomfort, or be out of balance. 

My clients have used their sessions to integrate the experience and/or effects of the following: Anxiety, Stress, Chemotherapy, Pain, Abuse (all kinds), MS, Injury, Post op recovery, Loneliness, Depression, Degenerative diseases, Fertility and more.


Remote Reiki Sessions

Remote Reiki is an effective treatment that you don't have to leave your home for!


It works the same as in person, except of course, you won't feel the physical hands. My clients say they 'know' when I have connected and they feel when the Reiki flows.

Most people choose the phone-call after their Reiki and find it helps integrate their experience to share and be heard. Just melting into a Reiki-induced rest without talking, afterward for some, can also be blissful.


Reiki Attunement 1,2 & 3

I began my Reiki healing journey at 18 years old and after 19 years completed that training! 

Now a Reiki Master, I teach others how to be their best Reiki practitioner. Again, a joy to witness many people develop and strengthen their unique gifts and connection to Reiki that then extends to their friends, and family, and clients.

Please contact me for upcoming training dates and information.

Prices available on the Treatments Page

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To book, click on contact, or ask a question either email: 

A Closer Look At Reiki

Common questions answered.

What does it feel like?

Common experiences range from totally mundane to completely mystical including: Lights, hot/cold sensations, giggling, weightlessness, vibrant colors, regression, emotional release, yawning, visits from spirit or loved ones who have passed on, freedom from pain, forgiveness, insight and understanding, simple relaxation! The list could go on!

How many sessions do I need?

With Reiki healing energy there are no guarantees. Due to the often life-changing effects of Reiki it is recommended (though not obligatory) that, initially, a course of three treatments are booked not more than a week apart. This ensures a smooth integrative transition.

What should I wear?

In this treatment you wear your own loose comfortable clothing, make sure you are warm, low lighting, no devices. It's your time to let the tension go....

How can distance healing work?

Understandably you may doubt if distance healing can work, or how! Any self-discerning logical person would, right?! Therein lies the key. We are more than our logical selves. We are multifaceted. Often with latent, dormant abilities.

A good distance practitioner will have been attuned and trained to experience, access and direct life energy for the highest good. When a person invites that practitioner to work with them they create a potential, a receptivity that allows the boundless healing energy to move through them.

‘Boundless’ because energy is everywhere; the foundation of the material world and ‘moves through them’ because we humans are a complex system of energy vessels and matter. When we feel ‘out of whack’ we are in the early stages of our energetic system experiencing a lack, block, or excess of energy in one, or more areas of our complex system. Energy moves easily! The longer it remains unbalanced, stuck, or out of place, the deeper the manifestation becomes. Acute and eventually chronic illness result.

Energy transmission, remote or in person, addresses this. Subtle energetic rebalancing can have profound results on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. For the science minded - think Quantum physics. 

"I have been having Reiki with Angie for over a year and find the sessions very calming and relaxing. I got diagnosed with cancer this year and started having remote Reiki with Angie on a regular basis. These sessions helped me enormously get through the chemotherapy and the worry about everything, I found them to be extremely calming and therapeutic. After each remote session we had a chat about it and Angie was so helpful, calming and upbeat. Without a doubt my reiki sessions with Angie enabled me to get through a very difficult and stressful time, I can thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent Reiki practitioner."


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