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I run my own events, collaborate with others and am available to co-host, or run retreats on your behalf. I'm based in the south-east of England and love to travel, bringing my 30 years of experience and the benefits of Yoga, Breathwork and Reiki worldwide.

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Conscious Connected Breathwork 

2024                  7.30 - 9.30pm

June 7th.    July12th 

Sept 28th.   Nov 9th 



Please note: Previous experience with Conscious Connected Breathwork is required.

I run regular Breathwork for beginners days. See day retreats


Day Retreats

In Person Day Retreats


Including: Yoga, Meditation, Lunch, Mini Treatments, and Beginners Conscious Connected Breathwork.

29th June 9.30 - 5.30

21st Sept 9.30 - 5.30

2nd Nov 9.30 -5.30

£125 All Inc



Reiki Attunements 1,2 & 3


I began my Reiki healing journey at 18 years old and after 19 years completed that training! 

Now a Reiki Master, I teach others how to be their best Reiki practitioner. Again, a joy to witness many people develop and strengthen their unique gifts and connection to Reiki that then extends to their friends, and family, and clients.

More Events To Come

Co host - Alchemy of Breath Retreats in Tuscany, Italy

-Yoga Retreats: Long Weekenders


-Breathwork Transformational


-Workshops Reiki Shares


-Meditation Meets

"Angie takes great care and attention ... I felt safe the whole time as this was a small and intimate group.  I would not hesitate in recommending the beginners breathwork day with Angie and I am looking forward to exploring the Breathwork journey deeper next time."


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