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About Meditation

There are many methods of meditation. Some very active, some totally passive, and everything in between. I am trained in Yoga and Breathwork so am experienced with many forms. Through direct consultation, I can ascertain which style would suit you best.

The basic premise is that whatever technique you use, eventually you can observe the mind and body settle until they eventually drop into a balanced state of awareness in which no one aspect of the self dominates. A sense of space and timelessness is experienced. The quality of peace develops.

Once in this peaceful state, the body's natural healing mechanisms are activated. Stress response symptoms simply cease. Emotions rest. The body gradually, sometimes quickly, restores balance. Energy levels stabilise. Coping mechanisms improve. Overall well-being is easier to maintain. The list of benefits is manyfold.


Together we can create a programme of meditation for you to include in your personal self care routine.
Meditation creates the space you've been looking for.

To book please call me: 0797 090 8850 (between 9am-5pm)

Or contact me via email 

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