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About Pinda Swinda/Herbal Compress

This warm oil treatment is given using a compress (bolu) full of healing herbs that have been soaked in warm oil to release their potent properties. They cleanse, nourish, and strengthen the entire body system.

The bolus is regularly returned to the heated oil throughout the treatment before applying them with clearing and circular movements to the body. The heat works deeply into sore and overworked muscles and frees obstructions in the energy channels.

The combination of warmth, oils, pressure and restorative herbs penetrates many levels, bringing relief and intense relaxation.   

Perfect if you like a stronger massage.

Your Bolu(s) can be wrapped, stored in the fridge and re-used 3 times within 6 months.

Bolu's (herbal compress) are charged seperately at £7.50 each.

You can choose 1 or 2 Bolu's and they can be re-used 3 times within 6 months.


Pinda Swinda

To book please call me: 0797 090 8850 (between 9am-5pm)

Or contact me via email 

"This hot oil herb compress massage treatment is a revelation to me. It seems to be reaching deep tissue without the need for high pressure, sometimes painful standard massage technique. Angela has an amazing skill and is a highly professional, intuitive therapist and I would highly recommend her and the Pinda Sweda treatment to anyone."

P. Buckley

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