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About Personal Transformation

For Ladies only

This is where we get to pull out all the stops, throw away the pre determined idea of a healing session and tailor, bespoke time for you, using all the skills and intuition of 30 years as a Holistic Health specialist, along with your felt sense of whats really going on for you.

This is an example of what your session could look like:

  1. 20 mins consultation over a cuppa

  2. 30 mins posture assess and personalised yoga

  3. 40 mins Thai massage/Breathwork

  4. 20 mins Reiki

  5. 10 mins Tea and grounding 

  6. Want to design your own session? Go for it! Lets have a chat about your needs and tailor your session until it reflects your needs perfectly. Or free flow intuitively on the day. We can combine any timeframe, treatment, meditation, yoga or breathwork.

Personal Transformation

To book please call me: 0797 090 8850 (between 9am-5pm)

Or contact me via email 

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