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About Hopi Ear Candles

Some of the conditions ear candles are used for:

  1. Excessive or compacted wax

  2. Irritation in ears and sinus's

  3. Pressure regulation in case's of: sinusitus, rhinitus, glue ear, colds, flu, headaches & migraine.

  4. Pain in ear's from frequent or long haul flights

  5. Swimmers ear

  6. Stimulation of local energy flow

  7. Noises in the ears, ringing & tinnitus (giving periods of relief)

Ear candling has claimed the following benefits over the years:

  1. Relief from headache's / migraine's

  2. Reduce's suseptibility to ear infections

  3. Reduce's hearing problems

  4. Relief form chronic sinusitus / catarrh

  5. Reduces earache (will not ease a present earache)

  6. Good for pre & during cold & flu symptoms

  7. Can help with hayfever

  8. Can help with sleeping disorder's & snoring

  9. Can help with travel sickness

  10. Can help with balancing ear pressure before flying

  11. Meniere's disease symptom relief.

This treatment is sometimes referred to as Thermal-auricular therapy & is usually attributed to the Hopi Indians of America. Evidence shows us that ear candling has been used by ancient civilisations the world over.

A deeply relaxing treatment, that begins & ends with a short ear/ facial massage to open & stimulate flow of lymph through the sinuses. This aid's relaxation & release's congestion, or blockages.

Biosun ear candles are used. These are laboratory tested & have acheived the CE mark (93/42-EEC) for medical devices in Europe.

They burn at the far end, so create convection through the candle. This draws the softer wax's & toxins from the ear, some of which are oxisdised, or turned into vapour and burned off.

They are totally safe, the gentle warmth felt is comforting.

The amount of sessions needed depends upon the severity of your case.

They are not only used for the conditions listed below, but for antidoting stress. Many people report going to another space that is safe & healing.

It is important to remember that Hopi ear candles do not claim to cure the cause of disease. However, in countless cases they have been proven to significantly reduce the discomfort associated with the above conditions.

Ear candles are not used with the following: Current ear infection, ear grommets or tubes, perforated ear drums, cochlear implants, high temperature, recent head or neck injury or recent ear surgery, cysts or tumours of the ear, alkalosis of the stapes, paracentesis, mastoiditis, allergies to ingredients ie;beeswax if allergic to bee stings, 1st trimester of pregnancy, dizziness due to low or high blood pressure (unless with GP's consent). If you have diabetes I can do the treatment and just leave out the massage, as this can speed up metabolism thus dangerously altering blood sugar levels.


Hopi Ear Candles

To book please call me: 0797 090 8850 (between 9am-5pm)

Or contact me via email 

"My son has had chronic excessive wax since he was tiny, he used to suffer repeated painful ear infections, as the middle ear's eustachian tube became congested. This resulted in antibiotics, followed by a period of debilitation and reduced immune response, often with further complications of being suseptible to any bug's/virus's circulating at the time.
For the last 3 years he has had  preventitve treatments of ear candles at key times when I'm sure he's at risk ie; autumn, before all the cold bugs start going around, and if he's a bit run down. He's not had an ear infection since. What a relief all round!"


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