Holistic Therapies

1-1 Yoga/ small private groups

1/1.5hrs £45/£60
Yoga tailor madeExpands lung capacity, tones glandsDecompress the spine2-1 YogaOnline Yoga from Home
1-1 tailor made yoga session is perfect if you:
  1. want to deepen your practice
  2. have injuries or special considerations.
  3. have a busy schedule & find it difficult to attend class
  4. are a beginner & unsure about joining a class straight away. 1-1 tuition is a good way to start. 
  5. simply learn the basics of yoga.
  6. feel you would benifit from more personal tuition.
  7. are returning to yoga and wish to re-build strength & confidence.
  8. Restorative & Sivananda Yoga inform your session.
These can be booked for In person, or live via Zoom
  • I started working with Angie of Holistic Therapy Works “just to add a more active practice” to my very passive healing practice at the time.
    Angie gave me a thorough assessment, lots of observations and information and a first course of exercises and postures to heal my skeleto-muscular aches and pains.
    What started as “just a complement” became a fully blown, deeply beneficial practice, always adaptive and 100% tailored to my specific needs; including yoga, breath work, Ayurvedic advice and recipes, massage and deep listening and presence to what I needed in the here and now.
    I always feel safe with Angie and always welcome with whatever comes up for me. 
    I learned a lot, I opened up, healed and deepened my practice, at times I cried and I laughed a lot too.
    I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Angie: she is a knowledgeable, attentive, intuitive and beautifully caring practioner.
    Choose your “gate” (or let Angie guide you to one) and enter a realm of healing and growth.

  • ...the perfect class. If I were an alien and had landed from outer space to there, I would have been pretty darn chuffed...Some people are just born to do things and a yoga class with Angela Oakes makes you feel like everything is well with the world. It's so peaceful at The HolistiCentre...

  • Last year, I fell off a ladder and nearly put myself in a wheelchair. Although I didn’t break anything the resulting stiffness and pain could not be treated by Physio, osteopath or chiropractor. However one-to-one sessions of yoga with Angela has had extraordinary benefits and improved my range of movement and core strength to levels I have not had before. I now sleep better, have more energy and can enjoy playing sports again. The relaxation element of the yoga practice I have also found greatly beneficial in restoring calm in my day. Its great to have found such a positive way to de-stress!


  • Angela has been great at tailoring private sessions that meet my needs & take into account specific health issues. She also doesn't make me chant!

  • I find having a private lesson is relaxing and being able to tailor to ones needs is a huge benefit. I can recommend this method.

  • ~I have been to many yoga classes, but always felt that I would like more support to improve my practice. I have had a few private yoga classes with Angela and have really enjoyed them. Angela is an amazing teacher and extremely knowledgeable. I am experiencing a more holistic approach to yoga and can already feel the benefits. It’s good fun too!

  • "...They (yoga lessons) proved a true tonic & played an integral part in helping me let go of much stress. Her gentle, encouraging manner soothed me into a world of releasing tension & building physical strength and flexibility.
    This she compliments with many 'words of wisdom' on how to cope with the challenges on modern life... & useful pointers to take away with you.
    I have no hesitation in recommending them to those taking their first steps into yoga and those with a little experience under their belt alike.
    They are at the same time wonderfully relaxing and invigorating..the perfect balance of mind and body and all from an excellent teacher and communicator!