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Yoga in Barham, Canterbury - Kent

Yoga with a viewSlow, calm practise deepens awarenessSo Relaxed!Yoga is Therapy
Yoga with a view
~~The word “yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit word ”yuj,” which means ”to unify” or ”to yoke.”
This origin of the word ”yoga” and the practice of yoga are closely related, since practicing yoga involves seeking to ”unite” your body, mind and spirit. Achieving this union allows you to connect with your inner self, leading to a sense of contentment and tranquility.
Years of experience have revealed one consistent key to unifying all aspects of the self, thus providing a simple, effective route to many benefits. The breath. The one effortless act that repeats from the beginning to the end of each lifetime.

A cornerstone of all my classes is to consistently refer to /connect/ move with breath.
Not to force, endure or coerce the body. But to listen to, allow and merge all aspects the self.
To rest in the blue sky of the self.

New to yoga? Posture- Relax - Counter Posture - Relax...

The initial practice is listening. Both to external instruction and internal feedback. I encourage all students to leave the competitve spirit outside. We all have different body history's. Unique. Reach optimal stretch without strain. Experience release of stored tension.
Synchronise movement with the breath. Harmonise. Your practise deepens. All levels of the being  begin to purify. The body decompresses, mind and emotions calm. You experience relief, inner quiet, space. Peace.
Here connection with your individual experience of source becomes possible.

All you have to do is turn up to class, again & again...

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  • ...the perfect class. If I were an alien and had landed from outer space to there, I would have been pretty darn chuffed...Some people are just born to do things and a yoga class with Angela Oakes makes you feel like everything is well with the world. It's so peaceful at The HolistiCentre...

  • ...The whole body is exercised, every joint, every muscle. There are brief periods of relaxation to allow the body to benefit from the posture & prepare for the next.
    The atmosphere is quiet & calm, a mood partly generated by a short opening chant in Sanskrit.
    There is a longer period of relaxation at the end & I leave with a straight back, head held high & a composure with which to face the day.

  • In taking a yoga class led by Angie I had the amazing sensation of relaxing while exercising! She's a powerful and experienced teacher, able to lead students through poses with just the right amount of challenge; I never got to that "stressed" place I sometimes experience with other teachers, yet I felt I was getting a good workout. I also enjoyed the spiritual energies she brings to the class, which fed me on a number of levels beyond just the physical. I left the class feeling both energized and peaceful, almost as though I'd had a massage! I highly recommend yoga with Angie.

  • I'm completely hooked. Early mornings are generally grim, but now I can get up and stretch! It's awesome! After each class there's a huge sense of relaxation yet with new energy for the next day. No regrets!

  • The class has a friendly atmosphere and Angela cheerfully provides for a wide age range and the varying levels of ability.