Holistic Therapies

Thai Massage

  1. This is a very comforting, physically releasing treatment. Come dressed as if for yoga. In fact Thai massage is fondly regarded as 'Yoga for the lazy'!
  2. The whole body undergoes passive stretching, pressing & kneading. It works wonderfully to soften & open the joints, relax & tone the muscles, nourish & soothe the nervous system, balance the endocrine system & calm the mind. 
  3. During this treatment you'll reconnect with parts you'll have forgotten you have & fall in love with the feeling of being in your own body. This reconnecting with your physical self is very grounding.
  4. During your massage I work to free up, what the Thai name, Shen energy lines. This dissolves blocks and creates free energy flow that revitalizes the energy system. An all round fantastic treatment.

To book please call me: 0797 090 8850 (between 9am-5pm)