Holistic Therapies

Retreats and Events at The HolistiCentre - Canterbury

Time to recieve?Soothe away tensionReiki is non-invasiveTime to relaxStretch away tensionInvigorate the nervous system in stillnessSinging bowls & Tibetan bellsBroome Park, BarhamBroome park - Space to unwindYoga with a viewRelax with friends on retreatLadies retreat!The HolistiCentre - 'Secret garden'Angela Oakes - Yoga & TherapiesThe Pool at Broome Park - Used for Day RetreatsThe Oak Room - The HolistiCentreLotus SpaceThe Gathering RoomYin Yoga with SarahSo Relaxed!Treatments in The Oak Room - The HolistiCentreThai Massage with SarahLunch in the Mansion - CallistersAngie and Sarah run Day Retreats and Reiki WorkshopsAttunement with Sarah and AngieLong Distance ReikiReikiAngela and SarahEnjoying a Bite to EatSunday SanctuaryOutside for the Sunday Sanctuary
Time to recieve?

Wonderful Retreats and Events
in rural Canterbury
with Angela

The Sunday Sanctuary


Reiki 1 and 2 Attunements

New Moon Summer Solstice Retreat

Introduction to Holistic Health Course

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The Sunday Sanctuary

An organic nurturing exploration of the healing arts with experienced practitioner Angela. Yoga, Nature, Swimming, Affirmation cards, Meditation and friendship.

All inclusive £75
with early bird discount £70 1 month prior to day retreat

Please email Emma to reserve your space

Or contact Angela with any enquiries
Between 9am-5pm
0797 090 8850 | angela@holistictherapyworks.com


An opportunity to come together with holistic minded folk, for a free, informal get together.

Drink tea, share nibbles, have a nose around The HolistiCentre (or ask for a tour!), before settling in for a guided meditation.

Once we're all relaxed, calm and centered, we allow opportunity for sharing any ideas, inspiration or stories to unfold.

If you have a meditation, poem, story or guided practise you'd like to share this is your chance!

Please let Angela know if you are coming:

Between 9am-5pm
0797 090 8850 | angela@holistictherapyworks.com

New Moon Summer Solstice Retreat

New Moon Summer Solstice Retreat

Yoga and Cocoa Ceremony



Yoga with Angie
Choose  - Swim and sauna
                 Nature Ramble
Cocoa Ceremony with Sorrel
Restorative yoga and Meditation

Please email Emma to reserve your space

Or contact Angela with any enquiries
Between 9am-5pm
0797 090 8850 | angela@holistictherapyworks.com

Introduction to Holistic Health Course

5 weeks - Saturday mornings

A series of workshops designed by experts for complete beginners through to experienced practitioners.

Experience 5 different Natural Holistic Health approaches.

Enrich your understanding of both yourself and the healing arts.

Receive a 'My Journey' guide and learn a personalised method to assess the efficacy, for you, of each different session.

Investment £95 Concessions £85

Contact Angela with enquiries or to book
Between 9am-5pm
0797 090 8850 | angela@holistictherapyworks.com

Reiki Attunement Days

I am a Reiki master from the Usui lineage with a wealth of experience of working with the beautiful gentle Reiki energy.

Your day will be a well informed experiential oppurtunity that is grounded in the traditional methods of Reiki.

Reiki Shares

We also hold regular Reiki Share groups so you can continue your journey in a safe, supportive environment with other practitioners. This provides the opportunity to receive Reiki as well as give to others. Here are the upcoming Reiki Share dates for 2020:

Jan 17th
Feb 28th
March 20th
April 17th
May 15th
June 19th

Attend on any of the dates above to keep up your Reiki practise and keep in touch!

Learn more about Reiki Shares in this video.


Reiki 1 Attunement Days

Experience Reiki and learn how to use it for your own healing. 
With your Reiki 1 attunement you will also be able to use this universal energy for the highest good with family, friends, plants and animals.

The day is largely experiential, with meditation, gentle grounding stretches and  theory enough to provide you with a solid foundation from which to practise.

Course manuals are included to take away.
Delicious Vegetarian Lunch Tea and snacks all included.

Next Reiki 1 and 2 dates to be confirmed.

Reiki 2 Attunement days

On this day you learn to channel this intelligent universal energy safely for the benefit of others.

You will learn how to set up a condusive treatment space and conduct consultation for supportive treatment, recieve the symbols that empower those treatments and enable distance healing.

There is a natural balance of theory and practise. Some gentle stretching and meditative techniques are included throughout to support and enrich the transmission of the Reiki healing techniques.

With the teachings from the combined experience of 40 years of Reiki practice, this day is a rich and inspirational charge for your Reiki journey.

A comprehensive course manual is provided, plus ongoing support where needed. Regular Reiki Shares are held to assist your journey.

Delicious vegetarian lunch is included at the 16th century mansion house' restaurant.

Next Reiki 1 and 2 dates to be confirmed.

2020 Dates 

All Events
at The HolistiCentre, Barham
unless otherwise specified.

Reiki Shares 17/01, 28/02, 20/03, 17/04, 15/05, 19/06  
Reiki I & II Attunements TBC  
Sunday Sanctuary 01/03, 19/04, 17/05  
New Moon Summer Solstice Retreat 20th June  

Reservations accepted now.