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  • (Group Breathwork) I felt totally connected in my heart centre - a state of bliss that i didn't want to end. I felt connected to the facilitator at soul level - it was deeply moving. Knowing in my heart that I am safe and I am loved, always. I became self aware that people are not always judging me and I am free to be myself (big realisation).
    Angie's voice was soothing and clear. She was authentic,  empathetic and compassionate, a good commucicator and listener. She was patient and held space were I felt safe to be myself.
    I loved the venue, light and airy. I felt connected to nature. The music really helped the pace and was connective.

  • (Group Breathwork) I'm really pleased I went, as I was pensive. I feel refreshed and good. I'm surprised by how it affected me, it was a positive experinence. Angie was calm, welcoming and friendly.

  • (Group Breathwork) This was a truely lovely session. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to do more!

  • ..I’ve enjoyed so many wonderful days at your retreats...xxx

  • Angela and Sarah created such a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and a day that left us feeling really relaxed and contented. The house and its grounds were a real treat too, as were the massages and the yoga sessions. We totally loved it." - Paul and Louisa

  • Sunday Sanctuary - Thank you for an amazing Sunday Sanctuary today, it was just what I needed! Your chocolate mousse was amazing and I will never look at a tree in the same way again! 😂😂

  • Sunday Sanctuary -  Thank you for the most relaxing, cleansing and healing day today. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment, especially the meditation upstairs and the smudging just outside the woods! You are such a warm, loving and open person, and your positive energy really made today such a wonderful experience.  As someone who is relatively new to holistic therapy, including smudging and affirmation cards, I didn't really know what to expect, but every moment was so relaxing and brought me closer to nature, and helped me reflect internally. This was the perfect way to de-stress after exams! So thank you for helping and teaching me everything today

  • Sunday Sanctuary - Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I have always wanted to learn more about smudging and shamanism. Also I loved the vegan food. Lots to take away from today. 

  • Sunday Sanctuary - A lovely, relaxing grounding morning in beautiful peaceful surroundings. Thank you

  • The most relaxing pleasant day. Both Sarah and Angie were so welcoming, friendly and their experience of yoga and therapies was outstanding.. Fabulous Thai massage and I wish it had been longer!
    The venue was restful and relaxing. Location a bit far for me, which is such a shame as I wish I could come here every week.

  • Fantastic Thank You! Had lovely oil massage - excellent facilities.

  • Lovely! Really nice and relaxing. Felt very welcome & calm. Great food too. Angela & Sarah are like golden haired Angels floating around. Great Venue and facilities.

  • Thai Yoga Stretch & Press Day Retreat - What  a wonderful experience. Excellent day and learnt some new skills!

  • Thai Yoga Stretch & Press Day Retreat - A great success! Thank you so much Angie & Sarah, here's to many more.

  • The Reiki 1 attunements provided by Reiki Masters Angela and Sarah at the HolistiCentre were all I had wished for and more. The day is focused on the attunements but also includes yoga, meditation, plentiful refreshments and a delicious vegetarian meal to sustain you throughout the day. The attunements are a unique but profound experience and are made even more special as you have the advantage of receiving two attunements from the two lineages of the Reiki Masters. I loved every minute of the day and forgot all of my cares and woes completely. I highly recommend this experience as I returned home much lighter and happier and cannot wait to pursue Reiki further. THANK YOU!


  • Reiki 1 Attunement - There was so much packed into the day, including an interesting introduction to Reiki and lots of hands on practice, we also had lots of fun. For lunch we had beautiful food in the hotel restaurant. Angela and Sarah created a safe and supportive environment in which to learn and I can't wait for the Reiki 2 session!  

  • ...great - super venue. Excellently fab treatment... 'time out' to watch and understand my body, giving it time and priority. Will defo recommend!

  • The Day Retreat was exquisite, brilliant and liberating. Thai treatment grounding and calming. The HolistiCentre venue was great!

  • Very Interesting, relaxing and Informative. The HolistiCentre venue was excellent.

  • The day was enlightening! Fun & Relaxing. Hopefully life changing...

  • Relaxing & Thought Provoking Day - Excellent Massage. Excellent Venue

  • Very relaxing! If I relax anymore I will collapse on my nose

  • It has been an all together amazing day!
    Angela and Sarah created a beautiful atmosphere and planned the whole day with many exciting surprises.
    I will be looking for more activities.
    Thank you so much and all the best for the future to both of you lovely sistas!!!
    See you soon!

  • Thank you for a lovely afternoon in a beautiful setting with good folk and two wonderful instructors! You have created such a welcoming centre, joy and love shines in every room

  • The best Yoga Retreat I've ever been on!

  • This was my first ever Yoga Retreat. The venue was easy to find, staff welcoming & facilities truely amazing. I would suggest if you want a total day to get away from it all visit as soon as possible!

  • Thank you for today. It was wonderful to be a student for the day - & be taught by you & Sarah with such love. Gratitude & Thanks. Namaste.

  • A marvellous uplifting and totally enjoyable day. Huge thanks to Angela & her team.

  • Great day of escape. Good pace & activities varied & well organised. Great food too!

  • I really liked the yoga postures and taking time to get deeper into them. I liked the chanting & hearing the resonances.
    The therapy was very good too & the food was lovely.

  • Beautiful relaxing and peaceful day!
    The best birthday present ever. Thank you very much
    - I would certainly recommend your retreats.