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Relieves congestion
Online Yoga Classes

Group Classes

Angela is adding to her normal Yoga schedule.

Classes will be delivered using the Zoom app. You can download this here.

Currently, classes are planned for the following days and times:

Slow Gentle Yoga
Tuesdays 11:30-13:00

This class is suitable for beginners through to advanced. It is evenly paced with meditative qualities. Aimed at keeping the body flexible and releasing tension.

Mixed Ability Yoga
Wednesdays 17:30-19:00

Dynamic Release through to Meditative Peace

This class provides a healing balance of strenghtening the body, increasing flexibility, quietening the mind and releasing stored tension.

But more dates and times may be added. 
Register your interest here to let me know what days and times would suit you.

Please note that you must complete the consultation form before you can attend an online class. You can download this here and email your completed form to angela@holistictherapyworks.com

Once you are enrolled on a class, Angela will send you the link to join the Zoom class. You can see some tips for using the Zoom app for classes here.

If you have any queries, please contact Angela:

Email: angela@holistictherapyworks.com
Phone: 0797 090 8850 (between 9am-5pm)

1-1 Yoga

As well as, or instead of, group classes, you can have 1-1 yoga sessions with Angela. These will also be carried out using Zoom, but on a 1-1 basis instead of in a group.

Please contact Angela to arrange a 1-1 online yoga class:

Email: angela@holistictherapyworks.com
Phone: 0797 090 8850 (between 9am-5pm)

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