Holistic Therapies

Holistic Body Massage

Organic oils nourish at cellular levelSoothing Organic Oils
  1. Nourishing body massage with warm, organic, cold pressed, base oils,  combined with pure essential oils. Freshly blended  with your requirements in mind. Reiki healing energy flows freely, helping to create a health enhancing, nurturing experience.
  2. This treatment has huge potential for all levels of integrative healing & is the most popular treatment.
  3.  I intuitively  share meditations & sound healing, using Tibetan bells & Singing bowls at the beginning, & or, end of the session. Crafted aromatherapy sprays uplift and engage the senses. An ambience is created & sustained that allows you to relax into a deep, often profound state.
  4. Perfect antidote to stress, anxiety, fear, burden, aches & pains.

To book please call me: 0797 090 8850 (between 9am-5pm.
  • Manor Barn is a very peaceful place, used for yoga and other therapies. Angelas treatment room is bright clean and smells divine. I was offered a drink and we sat down to review our telephone consultation. I was also asked if I would like music which I said yes to and it was very relaxing and not at all distracting, I mention it because with other therapists I have never been asked and the music was annoying.
    I have to admit during the massage, whilst not being asleep, I was so deeply relaxed, that words do not really describe the peace found....the massage was perfect.
    Angela found some knots in my back and whilst I was aware that she had found them I did not tense up against the pressure which has happened before with another therapist. Would I go back to Angela, absolutely yes, an absolute gem of a therapist, that is caring, gentle and made feel safe and relaxed in her care....brilliant!

  • "Being a Mum, wife and professional means there is not much time for me.  Holistic Therapy Works offers me the opportunity to stop, refocus and re-energise.  Angie offers a strength of healing energy and a wealth of knowledge that are tailored to suit my emotional, mental and physical needs and enable me to indulge in me for a while!"

  • Angela has the experience and innate ability to sense your pains or anxieties, and restore your harmony and equilibrium. Her massages are really something else, as is her genuine desire to make you leave in a happy, relaxed state.

  • My treatments with Angela have been profound. They are always nurturing and healing on so many different levels. I leave feeling relaxed, with clearer insights and empowered. Thank you."