Holistic Therapies


meaning: Ayuh = life, 
veda = knowledge
Soak away tiredness and strainThoughtful presence all year roundOrganic oils nourish at cellular levelRebalancing activates healingCompress full of healing herbs
Soak away tiredness and strain

Ayurveda is a wonderful system of healing with many branches. It has been India's main method of medicine, both preventative & curative, for over 5,000 years. Without the aid of modern technology ancient seers knew the workings of the inner body.

Today it is as relevant as ever & is still used throughout India as a complete medical system. This ancient world medicine embraces all healing practices, cultures, philosophies & religions. It brings about 'unity in diversity'.

It is recognised today for it's wonderful dietary, herbal, life-style, yogic & popular massage therapies. These all help us live healthier, happier, wiser & longer lives.

However, it's principles are simple; like increases like, unlike decreases like. Or, when we become imbalanced, for example, from environmental, emotional or mental stress's, a range of symptoms can occur, from dis-content to dis-ease. Ayurvedic therapies seek out & correct these imbalances, restoring equilibrium.

Each Ayurvedic treatment is a creative process, tailored to return the individual to health. When you come for a treatment with me, the first step is the Ayurvedic consultation.

An Ayurvedic consultation differs from others. The physiological, physical & psychological aspects of  the client are  all assessed to ascertain the Ayurvedic constitution (dosha). This is where I look at that which is functioning harmoniously in your system & that which is not.

Body oil massage (Abhyanga) is planned accordingly. Great emphasis is placed on the use of oils. Ayurveda states that if it's not fit for consumption it should not be used upon the skin.
I use organic, cold pressed, sesame oil for a base with specific constitution (dosha) oils blended in. Marma (energy/vital points) are treated & Reiki can be drawn freely throughout.

Benefits of regular Abhyanga:

  1. Removes fatigue & stress.
  2. Treats and prevents nervous system disorders.
  3. Promotes good vision.
  4. Nourishes the body & promotes good sturdiness.
  5. Remedies insomnia.
  6. Creates an electrochemical balance in the body.
  7. Oil rubbed into the skin prevents dehydration & strengthens the nerves.
  8. Stimulates antibody production, thus strengthening the immune system.
  9. Reverses the effects of ageing & increases longevity.

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